Allied Financial is an Atlanta-based group of “Entrepreneurs Financing Entrepreneurs” with a branch in the Delaware Valley who have financed over a billion dollars of invoices to companies in every industry. Our management team brings over 100 years of combined experience in the commercial finance industry.

In conjunction with our valued clients, we have established a range of customized services and lending products to provide clients with the flexibility to achieve long term success.

What We Do

Working Capital Solutions for B2B Businesses

Working capital is an essential building block of every business. It is absolutely necessary to have capital available to cover payroll, general overhead and any other financial obligations that are necessary for the daily operations of your business. Depending on the availability of working capital your business can access, it can either be a tremendous asset or a catastrophic downfall that affects your operations and opportunity to expand.

Regardless of the size of your business, proper cash flow is an essential ingredient for ongoing success. Most B2B transactions have contracted payment terms on average between 30 and 60 days with some companies paying timely — and others not so much.

As a company grows, the need for additional working capital grows as well. Often, the two largest obligations for an operating company are payroll and vendors. If payroll and payroll taxes are not paid or key vendor payments are not made timely, it could result in the demise of a promising company.

We believe in small businesses and are here to help them succeed by providing working capital lines of credit utilizing accounts receivable as well as other collateral.

Why We’re Different

Convenient Accounts Receivable Financing in Atlanta

There are many different working capital loan providers out there, and the decision to pick one over the other can be confusing. Entering into a financial relationship with a company is an incredibly important decision – and you want to be sure you are doing business with a reliable, responsive, and honest financing provider.

Allied Financial provides many unique differences to all of our clients – such as access to local decision makers for every deal, fast turnaround time, transparency, excellent customer service, and a friendly person answering the phone —  truly set us apart from other lending companies in our industry.

Allied Financial treats each of our relationships as a valued borrower. Once you are a borrower of Allied, you are a valued member of the Allied family. We are all about providing the ultimate level of service starting at the first meeting and continuing throughout the life of the relationship.

Lending money may be the main focus of our business model but our service goes far beyond. In addition to our friendly staff, our main goal is customer service and satisfaction.

That’s why we have developed our working capital loan structure to offer unique benefits including:


We recognize that as a direct lender, we are the life blood of our borrowers. The serious nature of what we do is not something we can ever take lightly, that’s why we continually strive to provide a top-rate level of service to all of our valued borrowers.

Contact Us to Get Started

Allied has plenty of working capital and is ready and willing to lend to new borrowers as well as expand existing relationships. If your business is looking for a working capital solution, fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation.