Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

If cash flow is tight, we can help. Our accounts receivable financing help business owners to:

  • Relieve cash flow issues
  • Meet payroll and payroll tax payments on time
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Go after the larger jobs/projects with peace of mind
  • Sleep better at night

Providing a working capital line of credit is just part of what we do. It’s our service that really sets us apart. We can also help our borrowers by:

  • Sharing our experience that we’ve had across various industries
  • Sharing our experience with various account debtors
  • Reviewing up-to-date credit information
  • Providing streamlined daily reports
  • Being another set of trained eyes focused on your business

Benefits for Referring Bankers

Approximately 90 percent of our business is referred to us directly by a bank representative. Why are area bankers comfortable with referring business to us? Quite simply, the answer is that the bankers know that we’ll take care of their customers. In addition, the banks reap these benefits as well:

  • Maintaining customer loyalty. The fact that the referring banker found a solution for the borrower makes the borrower more loyal to that banker.
  • Obtaining or maintaining depository relationships. The fact that Allied is not a bank means that we do not compete with the bank for other bank services.
  • The Banker with the right answers. The banker becomes the one-stop shop for answers even when there is a component of the relationship that the banker can’t do.
  • Future loan possibilities. Allied’s working capital helps to strengthen the borrower’s company for the interim period in order to get the borrower back to traditional bank financing. The referring banker is in a good position to take out Allied when the time comes.

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