The Right Path for Financial Success – March 2018

This business software company specializing in lead generation had taken a wrong turn with its existing bank and was asked to exit the bank. In its search for a new lender, the owners traveled down several promising paths with prospective asset-based lenders – all of whom were promising a green-light approval.  Eventually, the search led the owners... Continue Reading


To all of our friends, partners, colleagues and associates: At this time of year, we reflect on all of the things that we have in our lives to be thankful for.  Thank you for your continued confidence and trust that... Continue Reading

June 2016 – Allied Brightens the Day!

Allied Brightens the Day! Growing like a weed, this manufacturer and distributor of patio and garden accessories realized that a lack of cash flow would cause it to rain on the company’s parade. Not wanting to dampen the business owner’s... Continue Reading