This IT Company specializing in cloud based systems was experiencing stormy weather due to higher sales and no clear path to a larger credit facility. Having referred numerous clients to Allied, the company’s long-term banker was confident that Allied could reboot the company’s cash flow issues. At our initial meeting, we proposed a $400,000 line of credit and began funding the company one week later.  The banker demonstrated his continued value by making the right connection to a professional alternative lender – keeping the banking relationship. Now, the company is enjoying clear skies for its continued growth.

Our Approach to Lending Reduces Unwanted Static

This cell tower company was recently awarded several large contracts with major communication companies. The owner was concerned that the constant interaction required by their existing factor would create static with his new customers.  Seeking advice from a friend in the industry, he was introduced to Allied Financial.  The friend had successfully started and built a few similar companies and each was financed by Allied. Moving at 5G speed, Allied put in place a $750,000 line of credit for the company. The additional working capital coupled with a more hands-off approach, provided a safer and clearer way to finance the company’s growth.