This February, Allied Financial hit a few home runs by providing significant line increases to 3 of our best borrowers:  a distributor, a contractor, and a service company. Each company found itself loaded with additional business and in danger of striking out by hitting the upper limit of the established credit line. A quick call to Allied Financial provided needed relief as we approved each request the same day.

No matter what is thrown at Allied Financial we stand ready to swing at all the right pitches!  Having the right players on our team helps to keep our Borrowers in the game!

Allied Financial is an entrepreneurial lender who has been around the ballpark a long time. Our veteran staff is empowered to make the fastest decisions in the industry.  We pride ourselves on offering a response the same day that a request is made.  Regardless if it is a line increase for an existing Borrower or a new loan request for a prospect, our philosophy is to keep our eye on the ball and react immediately.

Let us be the clean-up hitter for any of your work-outs or turned-down loans!