Marketing your business to attract more clients is often overwhelming. You may think that you are doing everything you can, but you feel stuck. Some non-traditional marketing methods can be overlooked. Consider implementing these four tips into your marketing strategy to obtain more clients and increase revenue.

1. Optimize your online presence.

Today, it is vital to have an online presence to maximize your business opportunities. A strong online presence makes it easy for your potential clients to contact you and to get a sense of the quality of your work.

Ensure that your business is easy to find online, and that the right customers find you. When someone is looking for your product or service, you want your website and business listings to be ranked high. If your website is search engine friendly and your business listings are consistent and well managed, potential clients will be able to find you.

SEO Friendly Site

To optimize your site for search, think about the names or words you want people to associate with you and your business. Additionally, consider how your customers are searching for you. If your business sells plumbing fixtures to distributors, installers, or engineers, make sure your site includes the terms your clients search for, such as “plumbing supplies,” “pipe fittings,” “wholesale plumbing fixtures,” and so on.

Be specific with your terms. If your search terms are too generic, you may end up in the wrong search results. Using “pipes” may have your ending up in the search results of someone looking for a way to smoke tobacco. Likewise, “hose” may have you listed in someone’s search for hosiery. If you sell online or only locally, be sure to include this in your search terms. “Online plumbing fixtures” and “Local plumbing supplies” will help those looking for your products where they want to find them.

To help you determine the best search terms for your business, gives you free tools to help you see how people search for your products and services.

Business Listings

There are multiple online business listing services that can help customers find your business. Google My Business is probably the best of these tools. Also ensure that your business is listed on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Super Pages. Each of these listing services give easy-to-follow instructions on how to get your business listed.

2. Reach out to past clients

New customers are necessary for the growth of any business. However, existing customers are necessary for both sustaining business and new growth. Be sure that existing customers are not overlooked.

Research shows that repeat business is easier to get than new business. Sixty-one percent of small businesses say that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers. It can cost 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones. A five percent increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75 percent.

For more information on how customer retention can benefit your company visit 27 Statistics That Prove Repeat Business is Where it’s At.

Past clients can also help you to get new clients. Let your past clients know that you are available for additional work so that they can refer you as opportunities arise. Do not assume people will think of you, even if your work is stellar. The key to obtaining more business is consistently staying top of mind. It is your responsibility to remind people of your abilities and availability.

3. Present yourself as an expert

When reporters are writing, they will consider sources or experts to include in their story. Subscribe to HARO (Help A Reporter Out), a network that looks for sources for journalists. Put yourself out there to let journalists know that you exist and what knowledge you have. People who read the articles will now know who you are to be able to consider you for services.

Start writing. Share your knowledge with people. You don’t have to publish on a major platform. You have the means to start publishing now by using LinkedIn’s publishing platform. It’s an excellent tool to attract more clients.

4. Be active in professional associations.

A good way to increase name recognition and overall success for your business is to join business organizations and business networking groups. It is especially important for small businesses trying to sell locally.

Joining organizations or networking groups let you interact with like-minded people who can be invaluable sources of information and support. It’s beneficial to know other professionals in your area of expertise and in your industry. In addition to tips on securing new business, they can provide referrals. Consider other professionals as colleagues, not competition. Your peers can help you.

In your quest to attract more clients, remember to do these overlooked ways to secure new business. Optimize your online presence, court and keep your existing customers, be an expert source for articles, and engage with professional associations. Following these tips, you should see substantial growth for your business. As your B2B business grows, turn to Allied Financial Corporation for funds to sustain rapid and continued growth.