The team at Allied Financial is devoted to providing clients with the most flexible asset-based lending options to meet specific financial needs. Asset-based loans are secured by collateral assets such as accounts receivable and our financing allows our clients to borrow from these assets to cover necessary expenses.

To cover large investments or hefty expenses such as payroll and inventory, small businesses need the working capital – that’s why Allied Financial is here. We provide working capital lines of credit ranging from $25,000 to $2,000,000 to companies in all industries. We have two ways to structure a line of credit. Regardless if the borrower chooses a borrowing base or specific invoice base program, when you have the necessary working capital, your business can be on the right financial track with a promising future.

Borrowing Base

With our borrowing base program, we will loan a client a certain amount of money based on the value of all of their eligible accounts receivable. To give your business the most freedom to expand, we make advances against the line of credit based on this collateral.

Our team does all the work to create a formula every day tailored to your plan. With this program, our clients can borrow as much as they want up to this amount, always staying informed throughout the entire process. Borrowers who intend to utilize the line of credit on a regular basis or borrowers that have many smaller accounts receivable that change frequently tend to favor this plan, as it groups all of the assets together to form a larger base from which to borrow.

Specific Invoice Basis

Our specific invoice program allows a client to pick any invoice that they would like to use, and they also get to choose when to borrow against it. Our borrowers still own their invoices while maintaining a solid relationship with customers. Unlike factoring companies, this program acts as a revolving line of credit where clients don’t have to deal with potentially harassing and unfamiliar third party collectors.

Here’s how it works: when a client gives our team an invoice or a group of invoices, we will then make a percent advance against the total invoices offered. The invoice-based financing is the most flexible program, giving the client 100{169eece2392127c105803f4d779fa98fc8a34d604aa2c35f50e3ab25ff870daf} freedom to access proceeds from these accounts anytime. It is especially helpful for smaller companies as it offers a very simple approach and provides a great deal of flexibility. It is also helpful for companies that have a few larger accounts or large invoices that they can use for interim funding as needed.

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