When it comes to business growth, a lot of factors come into play such as hiring more employees, moving into a larger office space and seeking larger opportunities. These things are exciting in a business, but paychecks, office rent, inventory, and other day-to-day tasks unfortunately come at a price.

Small businesses need the working capital to cover these expenses, but traditional financing sometimes doesn’t cut it. Allied Financial can provide Atlanta companies flexible financing to keep their growth moving forward and business prosperous with asset-based loans. These loans use assets such as accounts receivable as the foundation of funding.

Why Choose Asset-Based Lending for Business Growth

If your business is growing at a fast rate, asset-based lending is a fantastic financing solution. This lending is a great way to get a proper handle on rapid growth while securing the capital needed for operating expenses and expansion. It takes time for the available capital to catch up when business is growing very quickly. Asset-based lending can solve this problem while giving your business less restrictions and more growth opportunities.

The limitations of bank loans can be very cumbersome (if available at all) for a rapidly expanding business – especially if they are newer. Banks rely on a client’s credit history to trust whether they will keep up with their finances. A business with slow credit – but fast growth – will have a high chance of being turned down by a bank. With asset-based lending, your business will be provided with loans based on your current business situation and not just your past! Growth is all about the present and future of the business, and that’s what asset-based lending is all about.

How Your Business Can Grow with Asset-Based Lending

Allied Financial provides manufacturers, distributors, service companies, contractors and other small businesses in the Atlanta area with asset-based loans to help them grow and prosper in the face of growing pains and rapid expansion. With this financial plan, your business can grow in many ways including:

  • Increase Capital – businesses need capital to operate efficiently and grow smoothly. Asset-based lending can manage cash flow proficiently, and in turn, will grow your capital.
  • Assistance in Quick Growth – rapid growing businesses burn through money quickly and are left with scarce working capital. Asset-based loans provides companies quicker access to keep up with the fast development and increasing overhead.
  • Inventory Upkeep – asset-based lending will always give your business the necessary financing to operate smoothly and maintain a supply of expanding inventory.

Contact Allied Financial in Atlanta for Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based lending can do wonders for your growing Atlanta business, so what are you waiting for? If traditional financing isn’t for you or if a bank has turned you down, contact the experts at Allied Financial Corporation. Our team can keep your business moving forward in a positive direction with available opportunities at your doorstep. To get started with a free consultation, fill out our contact form or call 770-730-0101 for immediate assistance.