ATLANTA, GA (November 2, 2017) –The next Commercial Finance Association (CFA) Chapter Leaders Committee meeting will take place on November 8, 2017, CEO and founder of Allied Financial Corporation, Steven Gold, will be the Chairperson.

2017 CFA Chapter Leaders Committee Meeting Highlights

The members will be discussing the possibility of creating a Mentoring Program within the local chapters by recruiting portfolio managers, underwriters, analysts, and more to come to future meetings. They will also discuss the potential of using social media for marketing and the benefits for those who have already taken part in using social media as a platform for their marketing endeavors.

They’ll also take a deep dive into what makes a chapter event successful as well as highlight the factors of how the event was marketed. Lastly, the CFA Meeting will have discussion on other topics, where they will keep an open perspective to many other opportunities that may influence growth.

Chicago IL: The Ideal City for the 2017 CFA Chapter Leaders Committee Meeting

The annual Commercial Finance Association convention will be held in the city of Chicago, IL from November 8 – 10 and the Chapter Leaders Committee always meets face to face and holds a meeting just before the annual convention commences. The CFA rotates the location to major cities all over the U.S. Chicago is an ideal city because it is has the capacity to accommodate 1,000+ convention attendees, is centrally located and many of the members are headquartered or have offices in Chicago.

A huge benefit for attendees of the CFA Chapter Leaders Committee is the fact that Chapter Leaders can have an opportunity to sit down face to face with those that are in the same role. This can be beneficial for the members, allowing them to share insight with one another about the practices they take part in. For this reason alone, Chapter Leaders are strongly encouraged to take part in the 2017 CFA Chapter Leaders Committee as well as the annual convention.

Meet Steven Gold, Chairperson of 2017’s CFA Chapter Leaders Committee

Steven Gold, founder and CEO of Allied Financial Corporation, is this year’s CFA Chapter Leaders Committee Chairperson, leading the Committee and assisting the new Chapter Leaders by defining their purpose and acclimating them into their roles and responsibilities. His role as Chairperson is to assist in preparing an appropriate agenda, of which the Committee will rely on for the entire course of convention.