TSL Participants

Our very own Steven Gold, president and CEO of Allied Financial, was featured in The Secured Lender magazine as a TSL participant! Learn more about how online vending is going to impact small businesses and what Steven’s thoughts are on the subject.

Steven Gold, president and CEO at Allied Financial, admits that some of the criticisms of online lenders are fair and others are not . He sees a bigger problem when it comes to servicing the client. “Online lenders are more tech companies than they are financial services companies,” he says. According to Gold, brick-and-mortar lenders and finance companies are “relationshipbased”, interested in working with an SME long term. That relationship, he notes, is not only in the interest of the lender, but it’s also in the interest of the client . “The more we know about our borrower, the better our relationship will be,” he adds. “A stronger relationship and understanding of our borrower’s business can open the door for new potential opportunities for us to provide additional capital, or it can bring tremendous value if a hiccup was to occur .

Read on the learn more about how online lending is playing an increasing role in how small and mid-sized businesses are getting funded. After reading, if your ready to find your financing solution, Allied Financial and Steven Gold are available to help.